New Bidule Tutorial

Part 2 of my Bidule Tutorials is now ready. This one carries on where the first one left off and introduces an LFO, a better Oscillator section, techniques for keeping your work organized and useful utilities that can be re-used in a variety of situations.
You can read it here.

Part 3 will arrive soon which will cover building a new filter section and adding a chorus effect to liven up the sound.

New year, new look, new content

Now that 2006 is well underway I thought it was time for a new look to the ole blog and some new content. The theme is based on ‘Gentle Calm’ by Phu Ly, but I modified it a bit to give more space for the content and other little bits and pieces. Hopefully it will make things easier to read.

Also there is now the first of my tutorials on using Plogue Bidule. Its a beginners guide to using [tag]Bidule[/tag] and takes you through the process of creating a complete polyphonic synthesizer using the vast array of modules they provide. You can read it here.

If you have been interested in [tag]modular audio[/tag] software before but either never got around to trying it or just felt daunted by the whole experience then hopefully this should gently ease you in to the wonders of creating your own instruments and sound mangling tools. At the moment you can try bidule for free, or buy it for a cheap price before the full release hits the virtual shelves (and its cheap at only 70 dollars). So there has never been a better time to get started.

Any comments or ideas for this tutorial and future tutorials are warmly welcomed.