Voronoi diagram generator in flash

After reading Ross Bencina’s paper : “The Metasurface – Applying Natural Neighbour Interpolation to Two to Many Mapping”, I decided to have a go at building a similar system myself and hopefully revive an earlier project for creating different ways of modulating parametric systems (for me that means audio).

The first pass is done and you can see it working right here (flash player 10 required)

The code will be up somewhere soon, at the moment its mainly a port of the code from this page (but refactored to seperate the voronoi model, the scanner and the renderer). Thats combined with an implementation of the FastClip algo from this wikipedia page to keep the lines in the bounding box.

next up is gathering the line segments into polygons and linking stuff together ready for some nearest-neighbour evaluation.

2 thoughts on “Voronoi diagram generator in flash”

  1. That was a nice surprise.. just found your page after googling for OSC+Android :-)

    There is a citation in my paper that specifies a nice editable mesh data structure for computing the Voronoi/Delanuy graph:
    [10] M. A. Mostafavi, C. Gold, and M. Dakowicz. Delete and insert operations in Voronoi/Delaunay methods and applications. Computers & Geosciences, 29(4):523–530, 2003.

    Those guys used to have some Delphi source code online too… might be helpful if you can find it. It’s not that easy to get your head around the data structures they use but they are very useful for interactive Delaunay meshes since they support dynamic point add/remove. From memory I use them for the Natural Neighbour interpolation too.

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