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Reaktor is great, but one thing that i dont like about it is the built in sample management, you have to create these ‘sample maps’ to use your own samples but the UI for it is a bit rubbish, like an awful version of kontakt. so i built a tool to generate map files automatically.

I’ve built a new version in Java which is tested and working on both Windows and OSX. You can download the app here.

I’ll put the source up soon when I get a spare minute.

comments, suggestions, modifications are all welcome.

If you are wondering how to run a .jar file then you will need to first download and install java then you should then be able to just double-click the .jar file. If for some reason that doesnt work you can ‘Open With…’ and then find where java is installed, somewhere like : C:/Program Files/Java/jre1.6.0_07/bin and choose the ‘javaw.exe’ program.

34 thoughts on “Reaktor Sample Map Generator”

  1. I like this….if i click on a sample folder ie….”samba” and use it for both the map directory and sample directory it works great using 60 as the default. If I want loops it takes longer and I haven’t yet determined how long. Interestingly, if I open the “samba” file for both map and samples it doesn’t work at all.

    Thanks for this as it helps in the mapping process which is painstakenly slow.


  2. If you choose the loop option it can take a lot longer because it has to open every file and see how many sample frames are in it.

    I’ll add some kind of progress feedback so you can see whats going on. Also i’ll take a look at the problem of using the same directory for both maps and samples.

    What platform are you on?

  3. Hi, can you please explain exactly how to use this app? Theres no obvious way to launch it and ive never used Java before. Im on windows btw


  4. Hi, I was wondering how to do this myself!

    I have 700 samples I need to load into a map, but I need them mapped to individual velocities.

    If you could post or email me the source code I would appreciate it greatly, I have some experience with Java.

    Or, if you could link me to the Reaktor map specification that would be great too!


  5. Also, the directory navigation GUI under Linux appears to be problematic. I couldn’t open the directories by clicking on them, but manually entering the path worked fine.

  6. Hi. It works well but theres small thing. Why root to just 60? Or is there a bug. I cound not add more than 60 samples (Intel Mac OS X Tiger) with root 60.
    I could be happy with option to get mor samples there with same root, whatever root.

  7. Wow, just discovered this freat tool after many years painstakingly inputting individual samples into maps in various reaktor sequencer. Takes to bore out of boring! Thanks

  8. Ive set a map directory and audio folder, but clicking generate map doesnt do anything. Should I be expecting any sample interface to open?

  9. sorry but my little problem with this is i have many maps with more than 127 samples
    but when i use this app it only uses the first 127 samples what about the rest of the samples what i wanted to ask if they would be more than 127 samples can u fix that it renames the file to ex. rootmap1.maps than for the next 127 samples or so and so on if there are more :p
    hope u still read this blog thnx in advance :)

  10. This is a great piece of gear. Just wanted to say thank you very sincerely for this – NI should have offered this years ago. I’m excited about the time/effort saving this will give! All the best, Cache.

  11. Thank you .You have saved me sooo much time and effort. My productions are moving along smoother and my flow is smoother thanks to Reaktor Sample Map Generator.

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