Reaktor and the Partials Framework : Common Symbol Reference

In the Partials Framework you’ll see the same symbols used in a lot of places but without knowing what their generic meaning is it is often hard to work out what they mean in context. I’ll try to provide a list of their generic meanings. Let me know if there are some i’ve missed or if the explanation is wrong.

Symbol Meaning
! Bang / Trigger
# Length / Count
$ Data
id The id of an Event Bus message
[] Index, either position of data item in a message or an array index
t Message type
T Table for message format. See the Splitter component. Defines how the data in a single message can be broken into pieces
-+ Chain Iterator input
+- Chain Iterator output
+ Increment Value
? Test condition
{ b } Event Bus
{ Branch to nested loop (chain iterator)
} Return from nested loop (chain iterator)

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