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2 thoughts on “MDK XMAS EP”

  1. Hey Chronozon…I’ve been following & using your Plogue Bidule tutorials. They’re the best on the net. Nowadays, it’s a case of great software with little documentation. Have you been using Plogue in new ways? If so, please share your education through tutorials similar to the amazing ones you’ve done in the past.

    P.S. Your EP is super well mixed. I listened to some of my stuff after and I almost cringed. What did you use to mix it other than your expertise? Although, I hear that experience is the main ingredient to mixing. Thanks for what you’ve done so far and I hope to see more Bidule tutorials in the future!

    1. Thanks.

      I hadn’t been using bidule for quite some time but I started again last week because I wanted to create a few MIDI generator / modifier tools that I could use in any host and Reaktor isn’t very good at midi.
      So unfortunately no new information to share in that regard.

      As for mixing, well, yes experience is important but only in that it means you’ve learnt some important lessons that are easy to forget.

      1. Listen on a variety of speakers / headphones and try to make sure that the ones you use all the time are fairly flat.
      I go between monitors (Adam Artist), speakers (B&W 303) and 2 pairs of headphones : Grado SR80e and Beyer DT770 Pro BUT you can mix well without lots of gear if you are careful. I spend 90% of the time with the Grado’s.
      I also check mixes on the TV Sound Bar and in the car. You know if it sounds good on all of those things then it’ll carry on to pretty much any reasonable system. I dont make commercial pop so I don’t worry about how it’ll
      sound on some tiny radio or cheap in-ear headphones.

      2. Dont mix too loud, as in don’t have the music at a loud volume all the time because of Fletcher – Munson :)

      3. Take frequent breaks to let your ears decompress.

      Apart from that I try to take the ‘less is more’ approach these days with things like EQ and compression.
      Favour eq cuts over boosts, or try and do balanced cuts / boosts. for example if you feel like a certain track needs +6db at 1khz then try to do +3 on the track and -3 on the other tracks that interfere with it.

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