Euclidean Sequencers in Reaktor

Here’s an ensemble I made some time ago with an example video here :

Here’s the ensemble

The top 8 sequencers output midi notes and are chained together so that as they cycle they trigger a restart of the next sequencer in the chain. The bottom 4 sequencers trigger envelopes which send out midi CC’s. If you want to change the notes or ccs you’ll have to edit the ensemble.

The sequencer is based on an ensemble from the user library but I can’t find it. If you do find it let me know and i’ll add credit where its due.

4 thoughts on “Euclidean Sequencers in Reaktor”

  1. in your core version you have an array thats size 8 which should be size 32 which seems to make the patch work properly, i can’t detect any other bugs. i have a quest though and maybe you have some insight. i want there to be a 0-1 ramp between each fill so i can have my instruments envelope always be as long as possible without ever clicking, is there a way to calculate this? i think it would be complicated because i’m driving the position with an LFO so its like a euclidean pendelum sequencer.

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