Christmas Hits

The soundtrack to your christmas is here.

Everyone wants to know, what will be the christmas number one? Cliff Richard, Westlife, Some other manufactured rubbish that will make you regurgitate your turkey?

Do your ears a favour and check out the hot hits from some of the people who make no-future the worlds premier electronic music forum. Featuring Cristian Vogel, Pleated Lemon, Rob Acid, Bavin and many more family favourites.

To save you the time and trouble of searching through this thread to find all the seasonal gems therein ive compiled a list right here, just for you.

1. Pleated Lemon – Yuletide Logs
2. Black “E” – Ho Ho Ho
3. Kams – When Im 64
4. Phillie-T – Little Donkey
5. Hektor Ruiez – Console For Christmas
6. ActionJetzon – Get The Rod Again
7. Ultrafoetus – When were you i
8. Komakid – Stikla Vocal
9. Bavin – Jinglebavs
10. Knusbert – Wenn mal der schuh drueckt
11. Crud – Mistletoe and Wine
12. Tec-Ho – Happy Maggie
13. Chelmsford Industries – Bad Tidings
14. MDK – Merry Christmas
15. Oliver Rosemann – Underwearwolve
16. Rob Acid – 4

Download them all, burn em on a cd, give it to your gran. Thats christmas sorted.

Give it away / Take it back

I like this idea a lot. Its all too easy in these times of manufactured obsolescence to just throw away things without any consideration of their potential usefulness to others and to the potentially damaging effects on the environment caused by the disposal.

One thing that I have experienced which shows a stark contrast between a rich country (the UK, where im originally from) and a poorer country (Macedonia, where I am now) is the attitude towards consumption and disposal of goods. A lot of people in the UK think nothing of throwing away and replacing things which can be fixed, could be useful to others or have even just ‘gone out of style’, whereas here (and im sure the same applies to a lot of countries around the world) the attitude is more careful and considered (although the influence of unachievable aspirational advertising is starting to erode that attitude)

Which brings me nicely to art not ads, which ‘is the start of a campaign to replace intrusive advertising in public spaces with more thought-provoking content’

Check them out and offer some help if you can. Signing the art not ads pledge is a good start.

Step to Noam you get done in.

After a particularly shabby interview with Noam Chomsky, the Guardian have realised the error of their ways and published an apology.

About time too, I wonder how many times he’s going to have to deal with the simple misunderstanding that supporting the idea of free speech doesnt mean you agree with what the person chooses to say.

As he points out in the superb documentary Manufacturing Consent, freedom of speech means freedom for exactly the views and opinions you dont agree with, otherwise where is the freedom?


Wake up, please

If anyone is ever reading around here, I urge you to head over to media lens and read some real quality journalism. Forget BBC, ITN, CNN blah blah blah, they will only tell you what the people in power want you to hear. For your own sake, and for those who are to come, have a read, then at least write to someone and say something. If we dont wake up soon there will be no internet to share the minutae of technology we all love (and hate)