Sample Map Builder 2

I’ve been building this on and off for quite some time but just don’t ever have enough time to finish it up, so rather than just letting it rot on my hard drive for a few more years i’ve put the source up on github.

There are builds available for Win and OSX here :

and a PDF manual here :

It is totally usable in its current state, but please feel free to clone the git repo and make it better, i’ll happily accept pull requests. :)

The repo is here :

Euclidean Sequencers in Reaktor

Here’s an ensemble I made some time ago with an example video here :

Here’s the ensemble

The top 8 sequencers output midi notes and are chained together so that as they cycle they trigger a restart of the next sequencer in the chain. The bottom 4 sequencers trigger envelopes which send out midi CC’s. If you want to change the notes or ccs you’ll have to edit the ensemble.

The sequencer is based on an ensemble from the user library but I can’t find it. If you do find it let me know and i’ll add credit where its due.