Christmas Hits

The soundtrack to your christmas is here.

Everyone wants to know, what will be the christmas number one? Cliff Richard, Westlife, Some other manufactured rubbish that will make you regurgitate your turkey?

Do your ears a favour and check out the hot hits from some of the people who make no-future the worlds premier electronic music forum. Featuring Cristian Vogel, Pleated Lemon, Rob Acid, Bavin and many more family favourites.

To save you the time and trouble of searching through this thread to find all the seasonal gems therein ive compiled a list right here, just for you.

1. Pleated Lemon – Yuletide Logs
2. Black “E” – Ho Ho Ho
3. Kams – When Im 64
4. Phillie-T – Little Donkey
5. Hektor Ruiez – Console For Christmas
6. ActionJetzon – Get The Rod Again
7. Ultrafoetus – When were you i
8. Komakid – Stikla Vocal
9. Bavin – Jinglebavs
10. Knusbert – Wenn mal der schuh drueckt
11. Crud – Mistletoe and Wine
12. Tec-Ho – Happy Maggie
13. Chelmsford Industries – Bad Tidings
14. MDK – Merry Christmas
15. Oliver Rosemann – Underwearwolve
16. Rob Acid – 4

Download them all, burn em on a cd, give it to your gran. Thats christmas sorted.

Free Music

Everyone likes free stuff and these days theres a lot of music you can get *legally* for free. Irdial put out a lot of decent records and in an act of benevolence embraced the Free Music Philosophy

This is a good thing.

So go and grab yourself some classics like Neuropolitique and Aqua Regis.

While youre at it heres some other net labels putting out good music, get your ears round some of these



Music Wants Out

Rather than letting this song fester on my hard drive for another 2 years i’ve decided that its best to release it into the wild. Who knows when i’ll get around to putting together another record, so without further ado, just go ahead, download it, share it, enjoy it, delete it, whatever you like. Just dont try and make money from it. thanks.

MDK – Inside

and, yeah, it needs a bit of mastering because the volume is a bit low, but, you gets what you pays for :)