Christmas Hits

The soundtrack to your christmas is here.

Everyone wants to know, what will be the christmas number one? Cliff Richard, Westlife, Some other manufactured rubbish that will make you regurgitate your turkey?

Do your ears a favour and check out the hot hits from some of the people who make no-future the worlds premier electronic music forum. Featuring Cristian Vogel, Pleated Lemon, Rob Acid, Bavin and many more family favourites.

To save you the time and trouble of searching through this thread to find all the seasonal gems therein ive compiled a list right here, just for you.

1. Pleated Lemon – Yuletide Logs
2. Black “E” – Ho Ho Ho
3. Kams – When Im 64
4. Phillie-T – Little Donkey
5. Hektor Ruiez – Console For Christmas
6. ActionJetzon – Get The Rod Again
7. Ultrafoetus – When were you i
8. Komakid – Stikla Vocal
9. Bavin – Jinglebavs
10. Knusbert – Wenn mal der schuh drueckt
11. Crud – Mistletoe and Wine
12. Tec-Ho – Happy Maggie
13. Chelmsford Industries – Bad Tidings
14. MDK – Merry Christmas
15. Oliver Rosemann – Underwearwolve
16. Rob Acid – 4

Download them all, burn em on a cd, give it to your gran. Thats christmas sorted.

MTASC and ANT : error running mtasc compiler

If you are trying to run MTASC from ant and are seeing the message ‘error running mtasc compiler’ this means that ant cant find the mtasc executable. There are 2 ways to remedy this.
The first is to add the folder with MTASC in to your system path. The second is to use the ‘mtasc’ attribute of Simon Wackers mtasc ant task to point it at mtasc.

If your mtasc executable is in D:devtools then you will need to define the task something like this :

<mtasc mtasc=”D:DevToolsmtasc.exe” …./>

I’ve written a more in depth guide to using ASDT and MTASC with ant over at

Java and zip files

I’ve just spent a day debugging what at first appeared to be a permissions problem. Im using the jakarta commons file upload with a tomcat / spring setup to allow users to upload zip files, which are then unpacked and the contents are processed into a database. Obviously using a zip should make it easier to upload multiple files and directory structures.

What was happening is that the directory entries I expected to be in the zip werent being created, so none of the files could be written when it was unpacked. Eventually i discovered that the problem was related to how different tools create zip files. I use winrar, which creates a seperate entry for a directory, as luck would have it the tool my client was using doesnt.

So, if you are writing java code to unpack zip files you will be better off doing something like this :

Enumeration entries = zip.entries();

    while (entries.hasMoreElements())
        ZipEntry zipEntry = (ZipEntry) entries.nextElement();
        File file = new File(outputDirectory, zipEntry.getName());

        // check the parent of this entry to see if it exists

	InputStream is = zip.getInputStream(zipEntry);
        FileOutputStream fos = new FileOutputStream(file);

	while (is.available() > 0)


rather than just checking if zipEntry.isDirectory() and then doing a mkdir.

Of course its wise to do both, because the zip may contain empty directories and you might rely on them being present later on.