Music Wants Out

Rather than letting this song fester on my hard drive for another 2 years i’ve decided that its best to release it into the wild. Who knows when i’ll get around to putting together another record, so without further ado, just go ahead, download it, share it, enjoy it, delete it, whatever you like. Just dont try and make money from it. thanks.

MDK – Inside

and, yeah, it needs a bit of mastering because the volume is a bit low, but, you gets what you pays for :)

Wake up, please

If anyone is ever reading around here, I urge you to head over to media lens and read some real quality journalism. Forget BBC, ITN, CNN blah blah blah, they will only tell you what the people in power want you to hear. For your own sake, and for those who are to come, have a read, then at least write to someone and say something. If we dont wake up soon there will be no internet to share the minutae of technology we all love (and hate)