Aug 28 2005

Spring 1.2.4 released and Spring IDE

Category: Development,JavaMartin @ 8:49 pm

Its a good week for Spring users. A new version of the framework was released, its now 1.2.4. As always its worth reading through the changelog (or is only me that finds these interesting?)
Also for Eclipse users theres a new version of the Spring IDE which features a preview of the Beans XML editor, built on top of the Eclipse Web Tools Project or WTP to add another acronym to the never ending list.
I’ve installed the WTP from the complete bundle rather than dumping the plugins into my current setup. Im just finishing a big project at the moment so I didnt want some pre V1 tool to clart my nice working setup and leave my crying over my keyboard. I havent spent much time with it yet, but its looking good and will hopefully stop the never ending search for a good and free jsp editing plugin, among other things.

Full integration of the beans xml editor file with Eclipse will be a great brain saver from switching back and forth between the code and the config file. You cant beat a bit of auto-complete. If life came with CTRL-Space (and some nice templates) it’d be a damn sight easier.

What would really sort out my server development is that kind of integration for the openamf configuration file. I’ve considered some way of using xDoclet to generate the configuration, and may well experiment with that this week. Maybe by using a combination of xDoclet and the j2as project started by Ralf Bokelberg and the whole process of keeping the value / transfer object code in sync between java and actionscript will become fully automatic. Oh, and generating the advanced gateway definition from the service facade along with an actionscript interface would be damn handy. One thing that bothers me about using remoting as it comes (i.e. without a wrapper around the service object) is that you dont get any compile time type checking on your service method calls. If i can generate the service interface in actionscript that will save a lot of flicking back and forth between the java and as code. nice.

If anyone makes one before me, please let me know.


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